What I'm working on

Just to let you know what I'm doing without wasting a lot of time

April 10, 2021
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So, what is Stefan working on?

As you’re probably aware, this website is just a hobby project into which I can only invest a limited amount of time. As such, right now, the main piece of content is the Splitting Things Up guide. But it’s not finished yet!

While the main story ark using our case study is finished, I omitted some patterns that I also find important and under-utilized, but which didn’t fit the case study so well, namely Libraries + UI Libraries, Activities and AI Center (formerly known as AI Fabric). To rectify this, I started working on a pattern for libraries first, with the others to follow.

Library teasers

To show the power of libraries, I of course need examples so you can learn to do that stuff yourself. The one I’ve picked for the Libraries pattern is this free recipe API at The Meal DB. It showcases one of the most useful advantages of libraries, namely the ability to encapsulate functionality for your automation developers without them having to dig into low-level details like API calls.

Therefore, this is basically a filler post. Stay tuned and see you next time!

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