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  1. 2021-05-30 15:34:16 (UTC)

    You know who your consumers are, but how do they actually interact with your robots?

  2. 2021-04-10 12:58:24 (UTC)

    Just to let you know what I'm doing without wasting a lot of time

  3. 2021-04-03 14:14:17 (UTC)

    Who are the consumers of the automations you build? And how does this affect your decisions?

  4. 2021-03-20 11:26:59 (UTC)

    Today, I'll have a look at various news items in no particular order

  5. 2021-03-07 09:26:25 (UTC)

    Who needs to be involved in your current automation project, why, and when?

  6. 2021-02-27 13:59:14 (UTC)

    UiPath may be moving to a 64-bit architecture to address larger memories. What's that about?

  7. 2021-02-14 09:33:23 (UTC)

    Software AG partners up with Automation Anywhere to provide Process Mining to AA's customers — continuing a recent trend.

  8. 2021-02-06 09:06:41 (UTC)

    After the soft launch, I'm working on tying up some loose ends. Feel free to skip this post

  9. 2021-01-31 15:16:58 (UTC)

    The site is finally ready to launch! Check in to see what's already in store.

  10. 2021-01-11 18:59:43 (UTC)

    How (and why) to divide your project into smaller pieces

  11. 2021-01-11 18:53:02 (UTC)

    Reuse parts of a business process by separating it into sub-processes

  12. 2021-01-11 18:49:34 (UTC)

    Connect different sub-processes with a queue

  13. 2021-01-11 18:49:12 (UTC)

    How to slice your business processes into little re-usable pieces

  14. 2020-10-15 13:51:10 (UTC)

    Speed up development by judicious use of Extract as Workflow

  15. 2020-10-14 15:39:29 (UTC)

    Speed up workflows that have to wait for optional elements by following this pattern

  16. 2020-10-13 14:15:49 (UTC)

    The menu bar for MS Office (and some other applications) has some... peculiarities that you should know about

  17. 2020-10-06 15:33:05 (UTC)

    You have to choose between two or more mutually exclusive options

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